Team - Brett Annandale

Brett is AnnanTech’s CEO and chief Technical Architect. In 1998, Brett founded AnnanTech as a consultancy that initially focused on the Financial Services sector within the City of London - primarily Risk Management and related global IT projects. Brett has extensive experience in project management, business analysis, as well as being a skilled senior developer on numerous platforms. Brett has a long and successful track record of consulting to and within Front Office, various Finance and Risk functions within Blue Chip Global Investment Banks

Brett is also the creator and data architect of the AnnLighten® software platform. He identified certain flaws in status quo approaches in data management and data governance which are unsustainable as organisations become more dependent on their data assets.  He and his business partner/sister decided to create a new framework to address the primary challenges to provide a single view of key organizational information - for both large and small organizations. The framework acted as a base for the AnnLighten® software.

Brett is also a Chartered Accountant (ACA and SAICA), completing his training with KPMG, where he did both Financial and Computer audit. He also obtained a second degree in Computer Science and Theoretical Physics while doing his training contract.