What We Do

AnnanTech's high level offering includes:

  • Programme and Project Management - Our team are highly skilled at absorbing and gaining a deep understanding of your data requirements, while simultaneously analysing your processes working with with you on effectively planning your project and your requirements.
  • Technical Design and Architecture - AnnanTech's data architects apply best practice implementable designs and solutions that are being used in the real world right now.
  • Implementation - AnnanTech translates strategies into reality and we help with direct implementation through our years of  project management.
  • Data Development - Our data-centric approach means we apply the best technology to meet your data requirements - Data Management and Data Governance (including relational and Big Data tools) Open Source and Commercial Analytical tools, Web and Mobile Development across all programming languages.
  • Post implementation Support - We are highly skilled in providing 24 hour support  on complex global and mission critical systems. 
  •  Risk Management - In an evolving and complex landscape, it is critical to holistically manage risk for your organisation well being. Our capability includes: Financial Risk Management, Information Assurance, Physical Security and Cyber Security.